NTT Marketing ACT ProCX: Call Center / Contact Center Construction & Operation


We, NTT Marketing ACT ProCX, are a group of CX professionals who design customer experience (CX) using our know-how cultivated through various customer contact points including contact centers and digital solutions utilizing the latest technology.

Our CX Design Solutions

Contact Center

NTT Group's Contact Center is
the No.1 position in the industry with the most locations and
the achievement for many years

The NTT Group, which has been providing contact centers for many years, boasts the largest scale of business in Japan, with annual sales of over 270 billion yen. We have more than 200 contact centers throughout Japan, and have been conducting community-based operations. We also continue to provide contact centers with over 30,000 seats to respond to all sorts of inquiries.

NTT Marketing ACT ProCX, as a professional group of contact center operations, operates "116" call centers, "IP" call centers, agency consulting centers, "104" call centers, etc. in the western Japan area, as well as contact centers that can provide "the best customer contact" to each company.

The No. 1 in the industry in
terms of domestic business scale,
the number of locations,
and the seating capacity in Japan


Annual sales

Over 270 billion yen


Over 200 locations


Over 30,000 seats

We are promoting CX design
in a wide
range of industries

Manufacturers ·

  • · Taking orders
  • · Orders processing
  • · Response to inquiries
  • · Recall support
  • · Help desk
  • · Support desk

Communications ·

  • · Taking orders
  • · Paper work support
  • · Troubleshooting
  • · Customer support
  • · Multi-language support

Tourism ·

  • · Accommodation
  • · reservations
  • · Taking orders
  • · Multi-language support

Finance ·

  • · Reception for the
    main phone number
  • · Insurance incidental service
  • · Telephone operators work
  • · Inquiry desk
    (Noqualifications required)
  • · Multi-language support
  • · Ogenki-call


  • · Taking orders
  • · Taking appointments
  • · Reception for the
    main phone number
  • · Accident report reception
  • · Customer support
  • · Recall support
  • · Multi-language support


  • · Taking orders
  • · Reception for the
    main phone number
  • · Customer support
  • · Recall support
  • · Multi-language support

Media · Others

  • · Response to inquiries
  • · Viewers center

Central ministries and agencies

  • · Switchboard operator
  • · Individual Number Card
  • · Tax return
  • · Pension consulting service
  • · Infectious disease
    consulting service
  • · Aircraft noise
    consulting service
  • · Trends in business
    activities inquiry desk


  • · General contact center
  • · Individual Number Card
  • · Tax return
  • · Large-sized waste desk
  • · Utility: water desk
  • · Multi-language support
  • · Provisional welfare


  • · Response to inquiries
  • · Credit support
  • · Individual Number Card
  • · Help desk
  • · IT help desk
  • · Furusato nozei donation


From research and billing
agency to field sales.

You can outsource the range of services that you cannot handle on your own, from inquiries to planning and operation.


ProCX, a group of customer experience design professionals, with the ability to propose and take actions.

At NTT Marketing ACT ProCX, our customer experience design professionals (ProCX) analyze your current situation from all perspectives and identify not only obvious issues but also potential problems, and propose optimal solutions for improvement.

Our professionals in the field of digital marketing have also made numerous achievements. At Digital Velocity Tokyo 2019, a conference hosted by Tealium Japan, we received "THE DATA STACK MASTER" award for our innovative customer data strategy.

Digital Transformation

Accelerate your business
with digital solutions.

We support you in solving your company's issues using digital tools from effective use of customer data and marketing to improving business efficiency.

If you are interested in CX Design
for Japanese
market business,
please contact us.